Education and Literacy

There is a primary school in Munyama which goes up to grade 9 (up to the age of 15/16). Gwembe valley is currently known for its high rates of illiteracy. Many parents have not been to school and that determines the value they give to education. This means they are limited in how they view life so that to them life is nothing more than just growing up and becoming fishermen and for the girls to get married and have many children. This hinders them from helping their children in doing their homework or encouraging them to go to school. Many of the kids do not attend school and some only attend school for a few months a year spending the other months helping out their parents working in the fields and taking care of the cattle. Many kids also drop out from school. If the situation continues like this, it will hinder the much-needed development in the valley. We are determined to change this. To meet this need, we are working in partnership with the local school in Munyama.

By also focusing on adult literacy, we believe it will help them to proceed and have a better view of life and a broader understanding of education. This will enable parents to help their children in their schoolwork, and thus emphasising the importance of education for all.

Computer classes
Daniel is currently giving computer literacy classes to the grade 8 & 9 pupils at the local school. Computer classes are important and necessary for them as it has become a compulsory subject for the pupils despite the fact that some schools don’t have computers. We currently have 2 desktops and 4 laptops from the teachers. As he teaches, it is such an eye opener for the pupils to know and believe that they too, can use a computer.

Photo: Daniel giving computer classes

First aid classes
Lisette was asked to give first aid classes. This was a request from the deputy head master after a broken nose of one of the students that was neglected and lead to permanent disability. The students are very excited and want to have their own first aid group at the school.

Invitation: you can help to make a difference in this area

  • To individuals; churches, youth groups and outreach teams, you can come and be involved in the homework classes, helping the kids in their studies to improve literacy;
  • Qualified and passionate teachers can come and volunteer their skills and work hand in hand with the local school;
  • At the school, most parents cannot afford to buy notebooks nor pens for their children;
  • Donate laptops for the computer classes.
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