img_7843Being part of a team of 12, going to a small village in Africa on Lake Kariba with no electricity or running water, Munyama (village name) seemed like a mountain of a challenge. But God is greater then the challenges ahead of us. He blessed us with 3 amazing contacts and really revealed Himself to us and the Tonga (Southern Zambian language) people. As we taught them to build water filters, we were welcomed with warm smiles and they always brought us something to sit on. After the teachings we’d celebrate in dancing and singing. God’s love really poured out for these people as they came to know Him. He even opened opportunities for us to work in the local school and do a week’s worth of teaching. God is really working actively as he brought people from all the nations to minister to the Tonga people, because of His love for them. I enjoyed it thoroughly and will treasure it as a checkpoint of my life. I would encourage more teams to go out and meet with Daniel and Akeem and engage in the vision and mission God has placed on their heart.
Dirk Rust, Australia

img_0727Three weeks in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by water, crocs and hippos! It was just awesome and felt like a big adventure! But the best was to bring life, love and joy to the local people and their villages. I really loved Munyama and the tonga people, their hunger for the word of God is amazing! I would always come back.
Raissa Neumann, Germany

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