Girl club

Help us to make ‘Washable sanitary pads’ with the girls in Munyama

Make a pad – restore value Campaign

While it is a well-known fact across Africa that many girls miss school during their menstrual cycle, this is also very true to the young girls in Munyama and surrounding villages. As true as it is, this fact is not acceptable as it hinders the development of the girl child. As we serve in the valley, we feel the need to empower the girls too, to restore value for them but also helping them to have a positive understanding of menstrual cycle. Again, too many rural girls in Africa, also true in this valley, once a girl sees her periods, this is regarded as a sign of maturity and hence ready for marriage. Once married they abandon all the education rushing to the unknown! It is because of these reasons, that we felt the need to empower the girls. We would want to see them giving themselves a high value, giving value for education and attend school without being hindered by their periods. To address this, we would like to start a girls club, where we will meet with the girls regularly to teach them how to make their own washable sanitary pads. During our meeting sessions, we would like to have ‘girls talk’ and create a safe environment for girls to ask questions pertaining the new phase they are in as well as sharing their challenges and concerns about life. We hope to address issues of early marriages too, all packaged in the ‘Sanitary Pad programme’.

The girls In Munyama have little to no access to buy their own materials to make these pads. We don’t want this to be a barrier for them to come and learn. That’s why we would like to provide the needed materials for them.

For a start we need about 50 USD.
Do you want to help us and invest in the lives of these girls?

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Daniel and Lisette

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