Evangelism and Discipleship

We align this in obedience to the Great Commission. Wherever we are and whatever we do, our core and end-result is to see disciples being raised in the valley. Through evangelism we share the gospel. When people come to Christ, we believe it is important to train (disciple) them and model to them how to live a life in accordance with God’s will and how to share their faith with others. Through a true inward change there will be an outward change in their personal lives, their families and their community. In this way we hope to see many disciples in the islands and in the surrounding villages.

Making disciples who will in turn disciple other disciples.

Photo: Sunday Morning Fellowship at Mr. S. home, August 2018

On Sunday mornings we meet at Mr. S. house. Where we started with just him at his home on his request at the time we started our work in Munyama, we now see about 8-10 adults attending the services and many children excitingly join for worship time. On Thursday afternoon we meet at the same place for another fellowship where we continue to learn from God’s word together. On Saturdays we meet with people on Somunjalala Island. We started this in June 2018. After a fruitful time (whilst doing a mobile clinic) with a DTS outreach team, the local islanders asked if we could come and have church on their island on a regular basis.


We see some of our disciples getting involved when we go out for ministry. This is very exciting. We will continue to have regular fellowships with our disciples through house-fellowships (churches) and in these will also teach about going and making disciples, helping them to catch the fire and to run with it. We believe God wants the valley to be a practical example and model of how God can transform a community through evangelism and discipleship. We are fully aware that our work here is not against flesh and blood, but against strongholds. For many years the enemy has hindered progress and the preaching of the gospel in this area. We believe God wants to bring life in a place called a ‘graveyard for church planting teams’.

Invitation: You can be part of this work

Individuals; church groups and mission teams can come and be part of our team. Come, join and serve with us as a missionary on either short term or long term basis. Many people live in fear, fear of the unknown and fear of witch-craft, as a result this fear hinders them from turning to God wholeheartedly as they end up seeking help and protection from the witch-doctors. Please pray with us that those who will decide to follow God will also leave behind their old ways of consulting the witch-doctors but will truly depend and hold on to God without compromise.

Prayer Partners

  • A breakthrough in the spiritual realms.
  • Wisdom, sensitivity and discernment as we interact with local people.
  • Open hearts of the people to receive the good news.
  • New believers to stand firm and grow in their walk with God.
  • Strong disciples that can catch the fire and pass it on.
  • More workers in the field.
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