Carpentry project

Introducing Lulangilo Skills Empowerment Village

In Munyama and surrounding villages, people depend on fishing and domestic farming for their survival. This isn’t going on well due to the increased number of fishermen in the lake leading to small catches every day. This situation creates a hopeless situation for a community whose main income comes from fishing. Lulangilo skills empowerment village is a place of Hope, where lives will not only be empowered but discipled and given a hope for future through skills training. We are starting with carpentry after a consultation with the local leaders as well as first hand research, meeting with people finding out areas of interest. Many young people embraced the idea and are looking forward to be empowered with this life changing skill.

Long term, we would like to see those trained being able to start their small carpentry businesses in the locations where they come from. We hope that through those small carpentry businesses, there will be able to earn extra money for survival in the valley. In the near future, we are envisioning a wooden boat, made in Munyama, written Lulangilo on it; floating on the waters of the mighty Zambezi river (Lake Kariba). I would like to invite you to come on-board and make this a ‘dream come true’. Daniel will be conducting this skills training but is also inviting short term individuals and teams with carpentry skills to come and share their time and skills with the locals here.
We believe this is a very strategic tool in reaching out as well as engaging with the community in the local needs. Our overall goal in all initiatives we do here is to see these communities touched by the love of God.

How you can be involved:

  • Give a tool;
  • Buy a tool or donate for a tool or tools;
  • Give financially towards the current needs;
  • Come, volunteer and share your skills with us.

Lulangilo Empowerment Village

Tools needed for the Project

Plane No. 5
G-Clamps small
G-Clamps Medium
Sash Clamps
Chisels (set)
File (Half-round)
Wood Rasp
Tenon saw
Mallet (Hammer)
Claw Hammer
Steel rule
A4 plain Papers
Mortice gauge
1 pack
5 rims


Nails, screws, wood glue, sand paper, vanish $100

Licence for tree felling (ask for a possibility to have it free of charge as a community based project).

Approximate total for tools in US dollars: $1300
Start-up timber: $300
Shade and workshop construction: $400 (pillars, iron sheets and cement)

Photo: Daniel is teaching our neighbour how to use a hand plane to make benches for the church.

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