Having served in the Frontier Missions Centre ministry in the areas of missions mobilisation, pastoral care and communications for three years, my prayer and passion has been and is to see the church rising to the challenge of world evangelism and finishing the task of fulfilling the great commission. I spoke to many churches, and organisations in the South-Central African region, sharing the need and how the church can be directly involved. It was during that time that God also spoke to me about reaching out. It was so clear, “In as much as you want to see people going, it is time you should also go”.

For some time, I didn’t have any idea of where and how.

God answered me on my first trip to Munyama, a village along the shores of Lake Kariba in the Southern part of Zambia in February 2013; it was during that time that God confirmed the going out process with these words as I stepped out of the boat, “This is the place and these are the people”. At first, I thought my involvement was to pray for these people and pray for the missionaries working there, which I did faithfully. After much involvement and taking short term trips, my love for the people grew and God put a burning desire to see them reached with His love. In 2014, I fully responded to God’s call to serve amongst these people. My passion is to see many disciples raised up in this valley.

In November 2015 I moved to Munyama. The entry phase to work here wasn’t easy. I faced much opposition and at first wasn’t welcomed to stay in the area. Many local leaders were not receptive, this was more than just a physical battle but a war in the spiritual realm. There were times when I felt like shaking off the dust from my feet and moving on, but the grace of God kept me holding on and I have seen God’s faithfulness. In May 2016, I was given a piece of land and it was so amazing to see the local leaders coming along to help me choose a place to stay. Having this land is a miracle and a testimony on its own; I believe God wants to use the place to bring transformation in the lives of many people. I believe through this place God will restore hope, revive many and usher many into the kingdom of God. Looking back; the Lord has taken me step by step. I believe; yes I believe; I truly believe that Revival is taking place and that God is at work in this v alley. I would like to invite you to share with me and partake with me; the joy of being part of this movement and on what God is doing in the valley.

I wish you God’s richest blessings in all your exploits with Him.

Til all have heard;

Daniel December

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