Welkom bij ReValVal

Wij hebben voor onze missie in Gwembe vallei gekozen voor de titel ReValVal. We geloven dat God van plan is om een grote opwekking te brengen en waarde te herstellen in deze vallei.
(Restore Value in this Valley)


Evangelism & Discipleship

Through evangelism we share the gospel. When people come to Christ, we believe it is important to train them and model to them how to live a life in accordance with God’s will...

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Education & Literacy

There is a primary school in Munyama which goes up to grade 9 up to the age of 15/16. Gwembe valley is currently known for its high rates of illiteracy.

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Healthcare & Clinics

There is a government clinic in Munyama and there are some health posts in surrounding villages. However, many people are cut off from accessing health-care facilities...

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Community/Skills Development

Since our entry in Munyama Village, there has been an outcry for development. In these communities, there are no facilities like electricity and clean drinking water.

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