December 2016

Restoring value in the valley in healthcare. From the 14th of November till the 2nd of December, we had the joy of seeing God’s power demonstrated as we shared His love to the locals around us by meeting their health-care needs. We had mobile clinics in 10 locations. We also had time to invest more in our relationship building with the local people through house visitations.

Our vision in this valley is to have house churches in 10 villages (including small islands). It is such a joy being able to visit all the 10 locations God put on our heart to have churches. We were well received.

The local government hospital fully supported our work in the valley by giving us a nurse to accompany us during our outreaches. His time with us was also very fruitful for him as he later shared, that he learnt to be praying for his patients too and to trust God for their good health. We were also blessed to have our local village headman travelling with us in all the outreaches, he was not just a boat driver, but also working alongside the team and helping in translation. At the end, he later shared how he appreciated working with us. He saw the sick being prayed for and miraculously getting healed. We believe and trust God that his coming along with us was not just to drive the boat, nor to translate, but also to be an eye witness of what the Lord is doing in his village and the villages around. We believe this will in the near future influence his faith. It was an honour for us to be with him, protocol-wise, it means we were culturally well represented by a higher authority.


We attended to a man of about 35 years old in Simunyalala Island. He had made a misstep about a month ago where he hurt his left leg. Since then, his leg was paining and he was limping. Apart from that he had pain in his right wrist. This seemed to be a strained tendon. It was disturbing him already for a couple of months.

We examined him and explained to him the probable diagnosis and prognosis. He welcomed our prayers. We prayed for healing and after the first prayer his leg was completely healed. The pain in his right wrist had improved a bit. We prayed again and again there was an improvement of the pain in his wrist.

A lady in her end thirties living in Kabuyu Island. She complained of neck and shoulder pains for over 6 months. Her muscles were really tensed. She was a believer and used to go to church. After the first prayer there was some improvement.
We felt asking her if she had any stressors in her life and if there was someone she felt she needed to forgive. She confirmed this. As she prayed a prayer of salvation to rededicate her life to Christ and to forgive that person.. God healed her through that prayer. God saved her, she was relieved and healed.

School Visit

We also spent some time with kids and teachers at the local school. For two days, the team conducted a health check for all the kids at the school. They also did a dental check and care; they also gave health education to the kids.

House Churches

We believe God wants to raise true worshipers in this valley. He wants to raise a fellowship of believers who will follow him and be examples of God’s restoration in the valley. As we served in healthcare, we also had opportunities to share testimonies with the people who came for various health needs.

Munyama Fishing Camp

This is one of the locations where we want to see a church planted. On one Sunday, we met at a family’s home where other people were invited. There were 16adults and many children. Please continue praying for Mr and Mrs X so they may maintain their zeal and continue to grow strong in their faith.

Soumunjalala Island

We met twice for a church with the fishermen in this island.

First time: a church by the lakeside; This was well attended. We started only with a few fishermen and by the time we started singing and dancing, we had more than fifty (50) people joining us. They expressed their hunger and desire for a regular church in their island. To us, their response is an indication of how ripe and ready the harvest is.

Second Time: two days before the team left Munyama, we decided to visit the fishermen again and share with them a love story. Fifteen men responded to the love story and prayed a salvation prayer. We had time for testimonies where 3 men testified how they were healed through prayer and treatment they received during our mobile clinics a few days before. At the end, we sang songs and danced, giving all the glory to God.


Our desire is to bring the people of this valley together. We want to restore value placed on women by providing a platform where women can freely interact and share with one another. On two occasions, we organised two matches with them. It was such a relaxing time and a time which brought a sense of achievement to most of the ladies as they celebrated their victory against the YWAM Team. We believe this is another way to restore identity but also to keep fit J.

Akim’s heart in Munyama is to keep connecting with young men through sports. Very often he joins the team in training sessions and in some local matches as well. Relationships and relationship building is an important key in our work here.

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