Welcome to ReValVal

We have titled our mission in the Gwembe valley ReValVal. We believe God has a plan to bring a great revival and to Restore Value in this Valley.


Evangelism & Discipleship

Through evangelism we share the gospel. When people come to Christ, we believe it is important to train them and model to them how to live a life in accordance with God’s will...

Education & Literacy

There is a primary school in Munyama which goes up to grade 9 up to the age of 15/16. Gwembe valley is currently known for its high rates of illiteracy.

Healthcare & Clinics

There is a government clinic in Munyama and there are some health posts in surrounding villages. However, many people are cut off from accessing health-care facilities...

Community/Skills Development

Since our entry in Munyama Village, there has been an outcry for development. In these communities, there are no facilities like electricity and clean drinking water.